Miss Angel Starr (broken666wings) wrote,
Miss Angel Starr


Last night was the first time in two weeks that I've been home for more than an hour or two...
Finally got some things accomplished like laundry and a few other errands, cleaned up my room, which had been feeling the effects of my run in/ change clothes/ run out routine... fixed my computer... got soulseek to work again... I'm fucking excited as all hell about that... I will inevitably start making mix CDs like crazy again!!! Let me know if you want one... I know I already owe Sighly... Other than that, I had a date with my PJs and my bed and some movies... fell asleep around 10 which is unheard of. It was good though, I needed to relax a bit.

Oh I finally got my promotion at work... had my first two shifts by myself this weekend... funny that I'm doing almost nothing different except for counting money... I was already bossing everyone around.

The Grove St. kids have my <3 we've been hanging out almost every day, it's been amazing, funny that once upon a time people were trying to get me not to like any of them... but clearly they are amazing and make better friends than the people who tried to steer me away.

I think that's it for now, I'm off to work.
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