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Minor update in a major hurry.

The family thing:
I'm working on it... I'm talking to Adam's girlfriend to try and figure out a way to get through to him... and she's sending me pictures so it's a start... I'm also trying to get to my sister through them but I'm not sure how that will work out yet... yes I'm upset about it but anyone who knows me knows I can get through it so no worries.

The work thing:
My new job is pretty awesome... I'm one of two managers at the Liquid Lounge. I work on the slowest nights so I hang out with my friends and the staff and drink and have a good time... the only downside is that the owner is a dick and I've become almost completely nocturnal. I'm going to be starting a dance night there on Mondays and movie night on Sundays... they have three GIGANTIC plasma screen TVs, I gotta use them somehow!

The <3 thing:
I have a minor crush, once again someone that I can't have, but that's what I do best... so far it's all good and no bad, so I'm not worried about it. We're making sense out of something senseless and that matters more to me right now than schemantics.

The home thing:
I still love my apartment... but I still want to move to a new city... I'm trying to convince myself that since I keep coming back to Providence I must belong here, so far it's working but maybe I need a vaction.

The end.
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