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Karma is kicking my ass.

So the new job...

Yeah... that's gone now too.

I'm not sure what the hell is going on lately but I hope it stops soon.
I feel like over the course of the last two weeks everything I've been happy about has blown up in my face.

I guess I should've known better about the job anyway... too shady, too much drama. It has to be some sort of sign when people you don't even know are telling you that it's a bad idea to work somewhere because of who owns it.
Eh... it was fun while it lasted.

I'm taking a few days to get myself together... I think I need/ deserve it. Then will come the decision of the century... Go back to ABP or find something new... we'll see what happens.

Who knows what kind of crap job I'm going to get saddled into next or what the hours are going to be.

Anyone who I have to travel to hang out with get in touch soon... I may just make it happen.
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