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It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip....

It's pretty much the best drawing I've ever done:
Hahahahahahahhahaha... when I say I find the crazy ones I mean it!

For You Ange...

Apologies can be difficult when trying to show you truly mean it.
But Angela I am really so sorry, please you need to believe it.
I am asking you please for a second chance.
You were the only girl I looked back at for a second glance.
You're so beautiful, its friggin incredible.
You're so hott and completely edible.
I would never intentionally try to hurt you.
I was just so angry I didnt know what to do.
Thats when I went to your home, looking to fight.
I know I fucked up everything and nothing is alright.
But here is my apology, in hope of your acceptance.
Please just one more chance, I swear I learned my lesson.

<33 Taryn

even worse:

Careful when you click me... I'm Sccccaaaaarrrryyyyy!!!!
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she's STILL being the scariest girl ever?! jesus good god damn.
um, clearly someone needs to take her computer/webcam away from her.

ps; we should watch out she probably has a voodoo doll for all of us.

i wouldn't be surprised if she had attempted that. what a creep. i wish i was there to spit at her and laugh as she waddled by.

death to crazy bitches.

i miss you!
I love that you guys are having a conversation about my stalker on my journal... oh and I love you guys. Period.
it took me three hours to do the shading on your upper lip.... o man that is possibly the best drawing i've ever seen!

haha! yes!
hahah I want everyone to draw me pictures now...
starting with you.
that is the worst poem i have ever read.
If by worst you mean best... it's inspiring.... it makes me want to be a writer.
I am going to marry that girl becauseshe wrote me the most touching thing I've ever read...

Oh wait... I meant the opposite of all that stuff.

haha friggin.
We hung out on friggin Friday night
everyting felt friggin all right
I friggin love hanging out with you
It makes me happy when I'm feeling friggin blue
I hope we can friggin hang out again
Just give me a friggin call and tell me when
I am making you a friggin CD I think you'll like
I am going out friggin drinking tonight.
Whoa... frig yeah... I'm using that hahah - especially at work!!<3
Gawd I friggin love it!

"Thats when I went to your home, looking to fight"

whaqt the frig?
Hahah yeah what the friggin frig is that all a-friggin-bout?