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----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Jill
Date: Jan 11, 2006 6:26 AM

I spoke with Adam last night and he had already known that I had found you on here. He said he feels like you abandoned him and Deana and he doesn't want to hear from you I'm sorry hun.
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what is this all about?
good to see you're back in the interworld. i come home to visit soon...
woah woah woah... i didn't read down far enough...

angela, you need to contact him anyway. he was really young when all that shit went down and he needs to hear from you even if he thinks he wants to or not. i was there for that, i know you tried very hard not to give them up and that your father pulled some fast shit. he needs to hear that too.
I know I need to talk to him anyway... I'm just working on figuring out how...I'll figure it out.
I got my internet two days ago so I'll be back on more often... no worries...
Good to hear from you.
Oh my goodness. It wasn't even your fault. This situation couldn't be helped. The system is a very fucked up thing. We will talk more about it tomorrow!

I'm sooo sorry, *big hug*

...big mess.
We'll talk tomorrow indeed.